Dry winds from the north

In February each year, the dry desert wind from the north, Harmatan, comes with fine sand down over the country. The sand covers everything with a red film, and it penetrates into every nook. Poor, the computers in the new computer room, which has, only metal shutters but no glass in the windows. Will they withstand this attack? Fortunately, the teachers have careful covered the computers with specially sewn covers.

People know how to squint their eyes, turning away from the wind direction and wrap the head with scarves so the sand does not penetrate. When the children come to school during this time, sometimes their hair is red of dust. The skin and lips becomes chapped from the dry cool weather prevailing.

What is the best to do then? Well, all agree that it is best to rinse off the dust with water and then rub the skin with Shea nut oil. So, anyone who wants to have this treatment get the help they need from the teachers.

After washing and greasing it feels good and it is time to address today’s lessons. In the entrance to every classroom hangs a large mirror in the children’s height. When children enter their classrooms, they look at themselves and each other with comments about how clean and nice they now look.

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En kommentar till Dry winds from the north

  1. Alamdar skriver:

    We use to have same kind of wind with lot of dust in Pakistan, I must tell you that this kind of wind and weather is most unfavorite to me. The people who have allergies to this kind of weather are the worst victims. I am very glad to hear about how they have managed to wash and grease, good approach with hanging mirror.


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