The teachers first contact with a computer.

MKFC has implemented a 5-week practical basic education for preschool teachers in Burkina Faso.
There were 21 women from six different villages to be part of the first basic training of preschool teachers Nakamtenga. The course included a lot more than just how to make and use the logical blocks and wash your hands and keep water clean. The days were intense and every minute was buzy with what we wanted to learn. New ways of thinking about children and learning, but also big step toward becoming a part of the great world that we actually are, in rural Africa.

How many of you have previous experience of using a computer? Six of the women raised a bit of a finger to signal a yes. How many have seen a computer? The same teacher wiggled a bit to the right index finger. So 15 had not seen a real live computer. In a few weeks we would start an end-to-end learning entirely through this unknown. A Wonderful challenge!

We went to the school’s dark little office. Everyone crowded in to see. Maria put the plug in the wall. Pressed the Start button. It began to whiz and whir as computers do. All listened intently and focused all its attention on what Maria did. The screen was lit up and got a picture of the old teacher’s gang in front of the red school wall. Noisy laughter broke loose and comments on Miracle rained over what everyone saw. Maria, who then managed the computer and email feature proudly showed off how to generate a document and write. Several wanted to try pressing the keys and the letters ran across the screen. In a little while to get all start learning to handle a computer. It is through the computer as we’ll get our teacher training, says Eugenie. One need not be afraid. There are some things that are new in the beginning, but you soon get used to dealing with the computer.

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