To start up a eLearning Teacher Training

Diplomas awarded and distributed solemnly to all participants.

A unique opportunity has opened for the future of the villages around Nakamtenga. 21 women, who would not otherwise have any chance for further education, has been a practical and theoretical foundation to start pre-schools in their villages.

Over five weeks, they learned with an affirmative view of how children learn without fear of punishment, how we as adults encourage children to be curious, dare to express themselves with all their senses, be creative, how we take responsibility in our relationships with each other, if professional and much more. Traditions, songs, dances alternated with the production of educational material.

For the first time in their life, the teachers saw a computer in reality. Not just looking at it. They also had a truly thorough experience in how to use it. The joy of the new knowledge was obvious, and after the course they all could pack up an entire box of self-generated learning material, which they can immediately use in their pre-schools.

Now we continue the work of a three-year preschool teacher training through ICT with MKFC Stockholm College. Anyone can study at their own pace in their own place, which is the best thing for the participancts life situations. This is the first group of teachers in Burkina Faso who try this future study method online. It will give these women, their families and all children who come to these facilities and their villages a door to the outside world.

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