Pre Teacher Training starts online

We sat in the dark, enjoying the night sounds of crickets, night birds, dogs and tired donkeys, who panted after the days work. On the dirt road was a bicycle. A flashlight blinked a bit weak. It was evening before the first day of the course. The man on the bike stopped in front of us. Can my wife come in education? She has nine years of compulsory schooling and to start kindergarten in our village. With her is another woman. Is it good? Of course. Tell them that they are welcome at 08.00.

So finally had the information has also reached the village, which has not passable by car.

The other day I was a little worried that we would only have seven new teachers, plus the five old. Someone chuckled that I would not expect more than that, because there is no literate women in the villages. Oh, yes, there are certain, ”replied old teacher team. They just have to get a chance. Who could have believed that there were some in our village, which could advance so that we made during the nine years that have passed?

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