eLearning Pre School Teacher Training starts in Burkina Faso

The background of this eLearning project is a preschool in Nakamtenga starting nine years ago. The women in Nakamtenga village in Burkina Faso, most of them illiterates, realized the need of a preschool.

The women decided to build the preschool themselves, stone by stone. And by now the school has been running for nine years.

Eva Karlsson, pedagogue working for MKFC with a broad experience of teaching and learning in several African countries since 35 years, were the pioneers working together with the women from the very beginning. She created the structure and developed the content of this pilot project. Eva Karlsson has received, from the hands of the Burkina Faso President Mr Blaise Compaore, the national distinction Chevalier de l’ordre de Mérite.

The new semester has started at the preschool in Nakamtenga in Burkina Faso.
The children stand in line to get a place in kindergarten. Parents will be cycling from neighbouring villages with their children.

The joy to be going to preschool is obvious. Over 70 children will now be together, play, learn new things, eating good nutritious food and grow at a pace that surprised the proud parents.

MKFC Stockholm College, which is an international eLearning School, in Burkina Faso we will train preschool teachers in rural areas.

As of October, trained some 20 new teachers to accommodate all children in Nakamtenga and surrounding villages in Burkina Faso. Teachers can move forward on their schools and at the same time further education as a method, which is new for all teachers.

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